Saturday, January 18, 2020

Elevan O'Clock #56 - Sei Sette - Amore e Morte

Amore e Morte: All Original Cabaret, A new musical performed by pianist Riccardo Barone and sung by Nikki Elli Souvertjis.

"A tale of love and hardship, a deep bond broken by unperceived circumstance.

He is witness to an unfortunate crime, a brutal murder. Both flee their home land to seek refuge in a foreign place. They find peace for a time. But the haunting ghost of witness is still upon them. He is called back to his country and demanded to give trial, he fears the consequences of his testimony. A writer and an editor, she records his tale in in pursuit of writing a prolific exposé."

In this episode we discussion how the is collaboration was initiated and the process Nikki and Riccardo for the shows creation.

To know more about Sei Sette and all the places the show will be performed follow them on Facebook

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