Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Elevan O'Clock #57 - Whoop Dee Doo

Whoop Dee Doo - Another Late Night Review is a Melbourne based variety show that performs at a number of different festivals during the year,  so is part of Midsumma 2020.  The show's acts are burlesque, drag, comedy and ALOT of sexy fun.  So have a listen and come along and support local artists AND local wildlife as all profits from the season will be donated to Wildlife Victoria to help with their bushfire relief efforts. 

This season is at The Butterfly Club so you can get tickets from their website.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Elevan O'Clock #56 - Sei Sette - Amore e Morte

Amore e Morte: All Original Cabaret, A new musical performed by pianist Riccardo Barone and sung by Nikki Elli Souvertjis.

"A tale of love and hardship, a deep bond broken by unperceived circumstance.

He is witness to an unfortunate crime, a brutal murder. Both flee their home land to seek refuge in a foreign place. They find peace for a time. But the haunting ghost of witness is still upon them. He is called back to his country and demanded to give trial, he fears the consequences of his testimony. A writer and an editor, she records his tale in in pursuit of writing a prolific exposé."

In this episode we discussion how the is collaboration was initiated and the process Nikki and Riccardo for the shows creation.

To know more about Sei Sette and all the places the show will be performed follow them on Facebook

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Elevan O'Clock #55 - Rust

Regular listeners will know I LOVE immersive theatre and in this episode I get to talk to two of the creators of immersive theatre experience "RUST" Vaughn Rae and Sophie Joske.  

To quote from the Midsumma program:

"A family are taking up temporary residence in a grand building at the height of a war. One night, as the conflict comes to a head, long time grudges are exposed, spies are uncovered, and two star-crossed lovers plot their escape. You are invited to step into this world and explore as you choose in this immersive theatrical experience. As the drama unfolds in real time, which side of the story will you see?

This new work tells a multi-layered story of love, betrayal and the forging of identity at a time when survival takes priority. Part period drama and part romance, Rust is an unforgettable theatrical experience that brings the audience up close to the action and offers different points of view on how the story will unfold.".

This will be part of my Midsumma 2020 festival - maybe it will be part of yours as well. Tickets are available HERE

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Elevan O'Clock #54 Seth Drury - Unmasking Prince Charming

Seth Drury has created and is performing the cabaret show "Unmasking Prince Charming" as part of the 2020 Midsummer Festival.  Seth and I talk about the creation of the show,  his path to getting here and the importance of living a creative life.

Unmasking Prince Charming,  January 23 -25 2020

Click HERE to get tickets to the Chapel off Chapel Performance

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Elevan O'Clock #53 Josephine Searles - Bon Bon

Josephine Searles has created a show called "Bon Bon" which is part of the Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival 2019.  The show is based around different types of (insert the one you call them) Lollies/Sweets/Candy.  As someone who has recently pledge their devotion to the Milkbar cookbook and all its sugary delights this is a show I'm sure that will thrill my tastebuds.

Tickets to the performances at The Butterfly Club can be purchased HERE

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Elevan O'Clock #52 Siobhan Judge - Born Again

Siobhan Judge has a quirky and warm-hearted (and self-produced) show as part of the Melbourne Cabaret Fringe festival 2019.  In our chat,  and the show itself, Siobhan reveals the similarities between her religious upbringing and her current vegan lifestyle.

Tickets to the show (The Butterfly Club July 5 and 6 at 5.30pm) can be purchased HERE

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Elevan O'Clock #51 Lauren Innis-Youren - Hold My Hummus , The Secret Life of a Stubborn Soprano

Lauren Innis-Youren calls herself a "Stubborn Soprano", but that stubbornness has meant that she has been able to conquer the adversity that "life" has put in her path.  Thankfully she is stubborn and also very talented.  Her show "Hold my Hummus - The Secret Life of Stubborn Soprano" is part of the 2019 Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival and you can catch it at The Butterfly Club between June 24 to 29.  

If her Stubbornness got her this far,  I'm really excited about where it is going to take her!  

You can grab tickets to the show HERE