Saturday, January 11, 2020

Elevan O'Clock #55 - Rust

Regular listeners will know I LOVE immersive theatre and in this episode I get to talk to two of the creators of immersive theatre experience "RUST" Vaughn Rae and Sophie Joske.  

To quote from the Midsumma program:

"A family are taking up temporary residence in a grand building at the height of a war. One night, as the conflict comes to a head, long time grudges are exposed, spies are uncovered, and two star-crossed lovers plot their escape. You are invited to step into this world and explore as you choose in this immersive theatrical experience. As the drama unfolds in real time, which side of the story will you see?

This new work tells a multi-layered story of love, betrayal and the forging of identity at a time when survival takes priority. Part period drama and part romance, Rust is an unforgettable theatrical experience that brings the audience up close to the action and offers different points of view on how the story will unfold.".

This will be part of my Midsumma 2020 festival - maybe it will be part of yours as well. Tickets are available HERE

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