Thursday, June 27, 2019

Elevan O'Clock #53 Josephine Searles - Bon Bon

Josephine Searles has created a show called "Bon Bon" which is part of the Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival 2019.  The show is based around different types of (insert the one you call them) Lollies/Sweets/Candy.  As someone who has recently pledge their devotion to the Milkbar cookbook and all its sugary delights this is a show I'm sure that will thrill my tastebuds.

Tickets to the performances at The Butterfly Club can be purchased HERE

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Elevan O'Clock #52 Siobhan Judge - Born Again

Siobhan Judge has a quirky and warm-hearted (and self-produced) show as part of the Melbourne Cabaret Fringe festival 2019.  In our chat,  and the show itself, Siobhan reveals the similarities between her religious upbringing and her current vegan lifestyle.

Tickets to the show (The Butterfly Club July 5 and 6 at 5.30pm) can be purchased HERE

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Elevan O'Clock #51 Lauren Innis-Youren - Hold My Hummus , The Secret Life of a Stubborn Soprano

Lauren Innis-Youren calls herself a "Stubborn Soprano", but that stubbornness has meant that she has been able to conquer the adversity that "life" has put in her path.  Thankfully she is stubborn and also very talented.  Her show "Hold my Hummus - The Secret Life of Stubborn Soprano" is part of the 2019 Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival and you can catch it at The Butterfly Club between June 24 to 29.  

If her Stubbornness got her this far,  I'm really excited about where it is going to take her!  

You can grab tickets to the show HERE

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Elevan O'Clock #50 Mr Boylesque 2019 Part 2

In this mini-episode I talk to another of the Mr Boylesque 2019 finalists -Astro.  We met at the Miss Burlesque Victoria 2019 finals as the doors were opening so there is some background noise,  but you still hear Astro's artistic intentions loud and clear.

Here can get tickets to the finals  from HERE

Monday, June 3, 2019

Elevan O'Clock #49 - Mr Boylesque 2019 Part 1

Mr Boylesque Australia is an annual competition to determine who will wear the crown for the next year.  This years competition is an extremely diverse group of performers,  all of whom have something unique to say.  In Part 1, I talk to three of the performers (with a follow-up episode to be released soon.  While they may be very different in their styles, they all celebrate the expression of self and most importantly want to entertain.

The Finals are on June 14th at 24 Moons in Northcote and tickets can be purchased HERE